July 6

The Fade Kings

July 13

Glory Misfits

July 20

Noah Zacharin

July 27

Coe Hill Girls

July 30th 


11:00am Celtic Trinity

1:00pm Albert John Saxby

3:00pm Penny Scaife

July 31st


11:00am John Foreman

1:00pm Amos Jeffrey

3:00pm What The Busk

August 3rd

Canadian Tall Boys

August 10th

Granite Ridge

August 17

The Salt Cellars

August 24

The Rebel Blossoms

August 31

Rick Fines

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The Fade Kings have been providing great live music - R&B, Blues, Jazz, and Classic Rock - in the Quinte Area and south eastern Ontario since 1992 but it all began in the 1960s during one of the most revolutionary musical decades ever.

There was a confluence of Memphis Rockabilly, British invasion re-looping American Blues, Motown pounding out R&B, soul drenched, and a pervasive San Francisco psychedelic glow. Let's not forget Chicago and the boys at Chess, nor the real deal from Stax...if this is making sense to you, then you have an idea of what is happening in our sound.

These were the influences, more like trailblazers that broke down barriers, the voices that questioned the political and social values of that day. To the point...we pay homage to the past.

The music we make is heartfelt, straight ahead and occasionally sparkles with just a drop of something pure and truthful.




This group of musicians formed at the start of the pandemic, and began rehearsing and recording every other Friday night at Glory Studios. Over the past two years, they have become close and have a blast when they’re playing. Rehearsals have not been work, but very much play.

The music they choose to play is modern, or contemporary Christian music, all of which can be heard on UCB Radio 103.5 They are songs of hope and love and joy, that they believe everyone should hear. 

This summer, Glory Misfits will be doing their first ‘live’ gigs, and are both excited, and a little nervous. But they know one thing for sure, they will have fun!  Made up of people from different churches, these Misfits are walking examples of ‘Love and Light’. They would welcome the chance to share their gifts of music with you, and have you join in the fun.

If you get an opportunity to come out and see/hear them, please do. You can also check out a couple videos on Glory Studios YouTube channel.

Glory Misfits are... Kevin Taylor, Heather Johns, Landon White, Amy White and Jesse Hanna.


Noah Zacharin is a widely acclaimed guitar master, multi-genre songwriter, and dynamic performer. He was given his first guitar at age 9, wrote his first song at 13, and began performing at 14. In December 2015, Zacharin became a full-time recording and touring musician, and is more thrilled than ever to be doing what he has always done. Born in Montreal, Zacharin is no longer an urban dweller and now splits his time between a home near Madoc and an off-grid cabin on the Canadian Shield. When the road returns he hopes to spend time there, as well.
Zacharin's recordings have all garnered popular and critical praise: Strange Rider (2016) made a number of ‘Best-Of’ lists for 2016. His 8th, A Startle of Wings, has just been released, and is an intimate solo 14-song journey through genres, concerns, and rhythms. Renowned DJ Michael Stock of WLRN says: “a beautiful album…rare to hear an album of solo vocal and guitar sound so full.” In the works is a DVD re-release of fan-favorite “Waiting on Your Love” which will include ASL video and a previously unreleased tune. 

Noah Zacharin is also an award-winning poet (with "a remarkable ability to articulate efficient, powerfully condensed ideas": What 18/19) and translator, having won McGill’s Chester-Macnaghten poetry prize and Matrix Magazine’s translation prize. He has published hundreds of poems, translations, and reviews, in periodicals and anthologies worldwide, and is currently at work on his first full-length manuscript of poems.

In his spare time Zacharin reads, cycles, walks, and practices tai chi and kung fu. He also practices guitar.



Janet’s  songs  have  always  resonated  with  people,  for  one  simple  reason.  They’re pure.   They inspire. They lift. Janet is telling the stories that people have always wanted to hear.

If you ever  want  to test out your  self-control,  come to a Janet Whiteway show and see how  long it is before you start singing or dancing – you’ll probably wind up  doing  both.  This is the cream of musical performance, and when it’s paired up with her delightfully whimsical take on life, it makes for time well spent.

Like many Canadian artists at the time, Toronto was the place to be after graduation. Janet played piano, worked in musical theatre, founded and played with cover bands and wrote and performed original songs. Not a bad way to spend 20 years. In 2008 Janet figured it was the right time to focus on her own music, which brought ‘Pure Sunshine’ into existence. Working with James Paul at Toronto’s Rogue Studio allowed Janet to build further on the time, energy and passion she’d put into her music.

Taking her biggest step yet in 2017, Janet wrote and recorded ‘Love Is Hope’, her musical commentary on the politics and culture of our time. It’s a continuance of her ongoing education, from the American politics of the late 60’s to the Canadian politics of the 21st century. From some of the darkest days to what she hopes might be a brighter future. Her contribution to that future is her music, her passion and her stellar talent.




The Canadian Tall Boys are a group of local "boys" drawn together by a love of great music and a good time.  A fun mix of country and rock to keep your toes tapping and hands clapping.







The Salt Cellars come from the south side of Algonquin Park. The Salt Cellars are currently a 5 piece band made up of Virginia DeCarle (Lead Vocals and Harmonies), Rob Bersan (Lead Vocals and Harmonies, Guitars), Ron Kapitain (Harmonica, Accordion, Keyboards, Harmonium), Richard Joudrey (Bass guitar), Anne Wilde (Harmonies).

Virginia deCarle and Rob Bersan are the singer/songwriter foundation and in 2016, they formed the duo, ‘The Salt Cellars’. The two have also played music together in previous years with other musicians. Drawing from their love of Americana, Folk, Blues, Jazz, Reggae, Rock and pretty much any other music that tickled their ears, they have written an eclectic mix of songs over the years. After many years of writing individually they brought their lyrics and music to each other. They also write collaboratively and have played in many venues in different parts of Ontario (Rob in Sweden too), getting great feedback from audiences who attended their shows. People loved the tight harmonies and skilled musicianship.

In 2017, Ron Kapitain, consummate harmonica, accordion & keyboard player from the Maynooth area, joined the duo. In late 2017, the trio met Anax Junius Music Studio producer and JUNO winner, Richard Joudrey (Blue Peter/Rational Youth). Impressed by their originality, he was excited to begin production of their first CD entitled, ‘Truth’.

The band became a six piece, including Rick Joudrey on bass, Anne Wilde on backing vocals and Brendon Burgess on percussion and drums. The Salt Cellars band played shows from Essonville to Killaloe, Haliburton, Bancroft, Maynooth and Peterborough, ON to rave reviews. During the COVID pandemic, Virginia and Rob continue to play live as the Salt Cellars Duo.

The Salt Cellars released a second CD titled “Crooked Tree”, September 2019, and are planning to release a third album in the spring of 2022.



The Rebel Blossoms are an original folk-rock trio, based out of Coe Hill and Gilmour. Featuring the powerful voice, haunting lyrics and guitar work of Reverand Rob, dynamic harmonies and melodies of Kaytlin Burgess, and the driving, rhythmic bass of Brendon Burgess, who can also be seen on drums on occasion with the Salt Cellars.



Canadian roots music vet Rick Fines has had a long and storied career as one of the country’s hardest working musicians. He has toured across Canada countless times solo, as a duo or with a full band and has recorded over 14 albums and has been a guest on many others. Steeped in roots music, Rick Fines crafts a unique blend of warm-hearted blues, juke joint folk, and dockside soul that both embraces and defies the genres that influence him. As a veteran of the North American blues and folk circuits, he engages audiences with captivating songs, diverse guitar styling and his signature vocal growl. Rick’s career has seen him working in stellar collaboration and as a successful solo act. First gaining attention as part of the legendary Jackson Delta, he’s since released six solo albums, another with his own Rick Fines trio, and a critically acclaimed disc with fellow troubadour, Suzie Vinnick.

Fines’ newest release, Solar Powered Too, was released during a global pandemic, with the bulk of the songs recorded in a little gazebo in the North Kawartha woods, with solar power. You can hear the crickets and cicadas if you listen carefully.

“After spending a lot of my time playing on my National Steel, I knew I wanted to make another album for guitar and voice, only this time it would be mostly slide guitar on a steel bodied guitar”, says Fines. “I decided I wanted to return to my little cabin in the Kawartha Highlands and record again with the modest solar powered setup there - two panels and 4 golf cart batteries.”

The seclusion of the recording process has paid off immensely – bringing to life the honesty of his lyrics and accessibility of his music. With 11 originals and co-writes, and one cover of a Jesse Winchester song (That’s What Makes You Strong), Solar Powered Too is a powerful release, ripe with vivid images of sorrow, optimism, and the complexities of life. Featuring appearances from other respected Canadian artists such as Alec Fraser, Gary Craig, Roly Platt, Melissa Payne, Jimmy Bowskill, Rob Phillips, Suzie Vinnick, Stacie Tabb, Sherie Marshall and Samantha Martin, Solar Powered Too is Rick Fines’ most accomplished album to date. “Releasing an album during a pandemic, when all my gigs are cancelled is a little strange“, he says. “But this album was made with the help of my friends and it carries that strength on its journey.”
Rick believes in the transformative power of music.  When not performing, he can be found teaching and sharing with students across Canada – including work with the Blues In The Schools programs in Ottawa, Saskatoon, Toronto, and Yellowknife.  He’s also participated in the Ontario Arts Council’s Artists in Education program.